Why Boat Memberships are on the Rise

When you think of sailing and boating extravagant imagery comes to mind. Large yachts, bright catamarans, and white sails flood the mind. However, with the rise in popularity of boat and sail memberships, going out to sea has become much more affordable. With such a membership you have a variety of boats at your disposal. From large 45 foot yachts to smaller fishing boats, the options are many. If you want to go on a sea adventure on a whim you will have the resources to go forth and enjoy your trip.

The Pros of Being a Sail Member

  • Depending on the membership, you can pick and choose which nautical vehicle you want to use that day. So if you wish to go sailing this weekend, and yachting the next, it won’t be an issue.
  • Do not have to worry about damage to nautical vehicle when it is docked
  • Do not have to do expensive maintenance, as the club does this for each boat


Cons of Owning Your Own Boat

  • It is expensive to do upkeep on boats
  • Need to have insurance and maintain all the safety features up-to-date
  • You are limited to the activities the boat you own offers. If you have a sailboat but would like to go yachting or fishing it would be expensive to rent out said boats for one occasion.

The Pros outweigh the cons on this issue. So get out there and get your sail or boat membership today. Maybe one day owning a variety of boats will be within your budget, but for now enjoy the carefree joys that come with a sail membership.


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How to Dress Nautically for This Summer’s Boating Season

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes long days on the water, basking in the sunshine. Seclusion on the open water makes for one the best ways to unwind from life’s stresses, completely devoid of human contact. Drifting off into the sunset without another human in sight, a perfect life…if not for the fact that scenario only occurs in a fantasy world. Barring private islands and small ponds, there’s no way to escape the gaze of other boats, while enjoying your own, clearly superior, vessel. So as any self-respecting luxury “yachter” would do, dress to impress.




Stay away from the well-known brands this year. That means no Ralph Lauren, no Vineyard Vines, and no Brooks Brothers. That’s not to say these brands don’t produce quality clothing, but they don’t stand out from the crowd. Instead take a look at British based Quba & Co. Known for using reclaimed sails to create jackets; the company also has a small selection of men and women’s clothing. Men can find a selection of oxfords to make their own, while women can buy stylish, lightweight clothes, designed with a boat deck in mind.



Sticking with obscurity, take a page out of the 16th century and pick up a Guernsey jumper. Originating on the isle of Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, the jumper was originally designed by the Le Tricoteur Company for local seafarers. Handmade from closely packed wool fibers and tightly knitted, the result is smart jumper with a natural waterproofing. The garment gained notoriety in the 19th century when the British Navy adopted it, and has since persisted, with the navy last commissioning a Guernsey order in 2006. If it’s good enough for a navy, it should handle New England ocean spray with easy. Order direct from the Le Tricoteur Company.



Pants may be the most underrated piece of clothing out there. A quality pair of trousers can last for years, bringing lasting style, while becoming all the more comfortable as the years roll by. Don’t skimp this year; invest in a high quality pair of pants. Brunello Cucinelli makes a top of the line pair of cotton trousers, and the price is worth every penny. Be sure to check out the designer’s official webpage, they stock a variety of women’s clothes as well.



Shorts are a subjective piece of clothing. Certain brands look great on some but terrible on others. Other brands subscribe to the cookie cutter side of fashion, churning out shorts near identical to their competitors. So stick with the outliers. Kokatat, actually a brand specializing in kayaking, makes a khaki paddling short that’s nearly one size fits all. The light material makes for breathability in the water, while still maintaining the garments waterproofing. While not listed as unisex, a small pair stands a chance of suiting women as well.



Although the theme has been standing out with obscure clothing brands, sometimes the mainstream just gets it right. Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes have been around since 1935.

The shoe offers a non-slip rubber sole, and is constructed of a canvas upper to aid in waterproofing. Sperry’s don’t sacrifice style for functionality; the original shoe design still serves as a staple in truly nautically themed wardrobes. A word to the wise, these boat shoes are notoriously difficult to break in. A nice dip in the ocean can speed up the break in process, preventing what boat shoe aficionados lovingly refer to as “Sperry Blisters.”


San Diego’s Best Oceanfront Neighborhood


San Diego is home to a plethora of luxurious properties. From within the city itself, to outside in surrounding neighborhoods, the area riles with wealth. Much of this wealth is owed to the tech sector, which combined with the entertainment industry, has caused the California coast to draw the ultra wealthy. Water front properties have been on the rise, accommodating those looking to splash down millions for the privilege of living in a coastal community. Serene sunsets and the sound of wave breaks tend to attract many.  It doesn’t come as a shock then, that coastal communities are on the rise.


La Jolla Farms


La Jolla Farms is a community situated at the very North end of San Diego’s La Jolla neighborhood. Residential homes are built upon sandstone cliffs, overlooking California’s famous Black’s Beach. The lots the homes sit on range from moderate to substantial, with some properties owning seven acres. It’s an oft-overlooked luxury neighborhood, lacking the popularity of Beverly Hills, or the notorious residents of The Bridges Rancho Santa Fe. This helps The Farm retain its secluded mindset.


The neighborhood was born when the Black family, who owned an equestrian farm on the cliffs overlooking the beach that shares their name, sold their farm. The land was eventually divided into the subdivisions that would become La Jolla Farms. The beach below is now owned half by the California Department of Park and Recreation, and half by the city of San Diego. The Parks Department owned portion serves as nude beach. Residents have perennial access to a private road leading from the bluff down to the beach, their only form of water front access.


The Farm counts property values that commonly exceed one million dollars, and is unsurprisingly home to successful billionaire residents. Business Insider ranked the neighborhood as the fifth most wealthy in all of Southern California, with a median household income of $408,266 dollars.


The community is more diverse than its wealthy neighbors, with a variety of architectural, and plethora of opportunities a short drive away. Adjacent to the communities is the Torrey Pines Golf Course, a municipal golf course that has hosted many PGA Tour events and is open to the public. A short drive south will lead to downtown La Jolla, which boasts a variety of stores, ranging from privately owned boutiques to upscale clothing like Ralph Lauren. Restaurants and nightlife opportunities also are available for those looking for a more city like experience without the hassle of a real city.


Beyond its uniqueness, La Jolla Farms is everything a person would expect to find in a wealthy community. Perfectly manicured hedges, gated roads, magnificent homes, and picturesque pools all make The Farm feel at home to those who’ve lived in luxury before. The added benefits of seclusion, combined with an unrivaled panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, and optional beach access, just work to make this community the best oceanfront opportunity San Diego has to offer. If the price is right, The Farm awaits.



The 2016 Laser World Championships

The Laser class of sailboat is a small, single-handled racing boat. Canadians Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce accidentally designed the boat while attempting to make a car-top dinghy to take camping, but it gained no notoriety beyond the duo. Then in 1970, the Laser was entered in “Americas Teacup,” a regatta held by One Design and Offshore Yachtsman magazine for boats under one thousand dollars. When the Laser won the event handily, a phenomenon was born.

After winning “Americas Teacup,” the Laser went into its prototype stage, taking the name, TGIF, or Thank God It’s Friday. Its official unveiling was at the 1971 New York Boat Show, where it assumed its Laser moniker. The first official Laser World Championship was held in Bermuda in 1974, with entrants from 24 different countries. Peter Commette of the United States took first place. By 1996, the boat had become a men’s Olympic-class vessel, and in 2008 Olympian women started racing a modified Laser, the Laser Radial.

Modern Day
Today, the Laser dominates the international sailing scene, with over two hundred thousand boat in one hundred forty countries. The international Laser Class Association, or ILCA, is the governing body for Laser boat racers, acting like a worldwide sailing club. Members can join their local Laser district to become an ILCA member and learn more about ILCA events, or connect with other local Laser enthusiasts.

Yearly Laser World Championships are held at different venues around the world, with each year new applicants having a fair chance at hosting the event. Racing classes can include men’s and women’s; Laser standard, Laser radial, Laser 4.7, and Laser masters.

Each Laser boat is held to a specific rule set, ensuring that every boat is identical, with no modifications unless explicitly approved by the rulebook. The strict specifications allow races to be determined on the sailor’s skill, rather than the boat’s design.

2016 Laser World Championships
The 2016 Laser World Championships is being held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Banderas Bay. The bay was chosen for its stable weather patterns and reliable sea conditions, mitigating variables as much as possible. The sailing course is located a short distance from Vallarta Yacht Club, the home base for this years world championship.

Banderas Bay has played host to several other international sailing events, including the 2007 J24 World Championships, and the 2014 Optimist North American Championships.

Accommodations for racers and spectators can be found at the Paradise Village Beach Resort and Spa, of which the VYC leases its space from. The resort boasts decadent restaurants, a gorgeous beachfront location, swimming pools, and full suites that are equipped with kitchens. It also includes sports facilities, featuring an eighteen-hole golf course and five tennis courts.

his year’s world championship for the standard division is set for May tenth through may eighteenth, with the trophy presentation and closing ceremony scheduled for the latter half of May eighteenth. The master division world championship will extend another week later, from May twentieth to May twenty-eighth. Follow the events on their social media for race updates and general information.

5 Best Boating Vacations for Families with Young Children

Vacationing with young children is a delicate balance that should not be taken lightly. So much so, that a vacation can turn into a stressful nightmare if not planned properly. A majority of times parents like to opt for children friendly resorts like club-med, however, it is fun to step out of that mold. Planning your own, personalized boating vacation with your family can be so much more rewarding, and can be a better bonding experience. Here are the top 5 boating vacations that allows each member of the family to indulge in a succulent retreat.

1. Bar Harbor, Maine

A seminal tourist destination, Bar Harbor, Maine offers a family friendly place to moor for a day. Head to dry land and take the kids to the lobster hatchery, because those crustaceans are for more than just eating. Children are guided through a hands-on tour of the lobster life cycle, from egg to adult. Also available at the hatchery is an oceanarium, providing children with an engaging look at various marine animals though the use of a touch tank. If the kids haven’t had enough of sea creatures, there’s a lobster museum on site as well.

2. San Diego

Both of these Southern California luxury destinations offer the outdoor lifestyle and world-class living amenities to please both, the children and the parents. From sunrise surfing to SeaWorld trips the options for fun activities are endless, while premier golf courses and Country Clubs in Rancho Santa Fe, provide visitors and residence with an incredible luxury experience. To park your yacht the harbor proximity is extremely convenient, and there is no shortage of amazing oceanfront condos in San Diego and the surrounding high-end neighborhoods such as Rancho Santa Fe.

3. Atlantis

No, not the legendary sunk city. Atlantis is a luxury resort located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Visitors can moor their boat at the resorts private harbor, making the resort a hassle free get-a-way. The bridge to Nassau allows adults the opportunity to enjoy the cities’ tropical nightlife, or get a bite to eat at an island restaurant. For kids, Atlantis offers several programs to entertain, and educate, about the local wildlife. Sea Squirts is a one-hour interactive program featuring twenty minutes of marine activities, and forty minutes of feeding the marine life. Children get to personally feed stingrays and sharks, making for a memorable and exciting experience.

4. Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands region of New York State is located at the western end of the St. Lawrence River, bordering Lake Ontario. The area is less visited than others on the list, making it a more relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. Bonnie Castle Resort and Marina offer’s visitors a resort setting, with a private marina offering transient dockage. Nestled on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, the resort is located a short distance away from Alexandria Bay, a quaint village offering shopping and restaurants. Located across the river from Bonnie Castle Resort, is Boldt Castle. Originally an unfinished castle constructed out of love, it now serves as a tourist attraction. Kids are sure to love the grandeur of the castle; it replicates something straight out of a fairytale.

5. Cape Cod

Families sailing to Cape Cod can stay at the Chatham Bars Inn. The Inn offers an abundance of family activities, with a private quarter mile beach, whale watching, a seal cruise, bicycling, and a nature walk. For those willing to explore the cape, the Cape Cod Duck Mobile, located in Hyannis, MA, offers families a ride on an authentic military amphibious vehicle. Tour the town of Hyannis, and then take to the sea, exploring serene beaches and striking waterfront homes.

6. Beach Haven

Long Beach Island Beach Haven, New Jersey offers enough for the entire family. Adults can take in the beach, shop downtown, or attend a local art fair. The entirety of the island is only eighteen miles long, allowing boaters to marina hop if a change of scenery is needed. Children will enjoy Beach Haven’s local ice cream shops, mini golf course, and Fantasy Island Amusement Park and Arcade. They can also cool off at Thundering Surf Water Park, which offers multiple-day passes to keep the kids entertained for the vacations’ duration. Beach Haven Yacht Club Marina provides transient docking to leave the boat while the family heads to shore.

The 3 Most Sought After Destinations in Europe for Summer Sailing

Summer has quickly come upon us and once again it is time to let our sails fly. Here are some of the most sought after destinations for this incredible Summer of 2016:

1. Monaco

Monaco Luxury Yachting

Historical architecture with Mediterranean influences, exotic cars, and luxurious yachts make Monaco the Number 1 destination for the wealthy during the graceful Summer months. This highly coveted coastal country, makes for the most exquisite yachting destination. In the Summer, celebrities, royals, and elites from around the globe flock to this magical destination. For some hot insider’s tips click here!


2. The Dodecanese Isles

Dodecanese Luxury Yachting

These wonderful collection of Greek isles in the Aegean Sea are a sight to behold. Island hoping along the Dodecanese Isles is an incredible experience that will leave fond memories for years to come. Kos & Rhodes are the most popular isles that tend to host royals, elites, and celebrities throughout the Summer. However make sure to visit the less mainstream isles, as these isles captured an incredible pure and natural essence that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

3. Cannes

Cannes Luxury Yacht

Lonely Planet perfectly describes Cannes as “harbourside glamour.” This could not be a more succinct depiction. Cannes gained its notoriety in 1834 and since then has been a staple of glamour on the Côte d’Azur. Every year elite’s from around the globe flock to the gorgeous country of Cannes to indulge in its fine cuisine, scenic coast, and incredible weather.