The 3 Most Sought After Destinations in Europe for Summer Sailing

Summer has quickly come upon us and once again it is time to let our sails fly. Here are some of the most sought after destinations for this incredible Summer of 2016:

1. Monaco

Monaco Luxury Yachting

Historical architecture with Mediterranean influences, exotic cars, and luxurious yachts make Monaco the Number 1 destination for the wealthy during the graceful Summer months. This highly coveted coastal country, makes for the most exquisite yachting destination. In the Summer, celebrities, royals, and elites from around the globe flock to this magical destination. For some hot insider’s tips click here!


2. The Dodecanese Isles

Dodecanese Luxury Yachting

These wonderful collection of Greek isles in the Aegean Sea are a sight to behold. Island hoping along the Dodecanese Isles is an incredible experience that will leave fond memories for years to come. Kos & Rhodes are the most popular isles that tend to host royals, elites, and celebrities throughout the Summer. However make sure to visit the less mainstream isles, as these isles captured an incredible pure and natural essence that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

3. Cannes

Cannes Luxury Yacht

Lonely Planet perfectly describes Cannes as “harbourside glamour.” This could not be a more succinct depiction. Cannes gained its notoriety in 1834 and since then has been a staple of glamour on the Côte d’Azur. Every year elite’s from around the globe flock to the gorgeous country of Cannes to indulge in its fine cuisine, scenic coast, and incredible weather.