San Diego’s Best Oceanfront Neighborhood


San Diego is home to a plethora of luxurious properties. From within the city itself, to outside in surrounding neighborhoods, the area riles with wealth. Much of this wealth is owed to the tech sector, which combined with the entertainment industry, has caused the California coast to draw the ultra wealthy. Water front properties have been on the rise, accommodating those looking to splash down millions for the privilege of living in a coastal community. Serene sunsets and the sound of wave breaks tend to attract many.  It doesn’t come as a shock then, that coastal communities are on the rise.


La Jolla Farms


La Jolla Farms is a community situated at the very North end of San Diego’s La Jolla neighborhood. Residential homes are built upon sandstone cliffs, overlooking California’s famous Black’s Beach. The lots the homes sit on range from moderate to substantial, with some properties owning seven acres. It’s an oft-overlooked luxury neighborhood, lacking the popularity of Beverly Hills, or the notorious residents of The Bridges Rancho Santa Fe. This helps The Farm retain its secluded mindset.


The neighborhood was born when the Black family, who owned an equestrian farm on the cliffs overlooking the beach that shares their name, sold their farm. The land was eventually divided into the subdivisions that would become La Jolla Farms. The beach below is now owned half by the California Department of Park and Recreation, and half by the city of San Diego. The Parks Department owned portion serves as nude beach. Residents have perennial access to a private road leading from the bluff down to the beach, their only form of water front access.


The Farm counts property values that commonly exceed one million dollars, and is unsurprisingly home to successful billionaire residents. Business Insider ranked the neighborhood as the fifth most wealthy in all of Southern California, with a median household income of $408,266 dollars.


The community is more diverse than its wealthy neighbors, with a variety of architectural, and plethora of opportunities a short drive away. Adjacent to the communities is the Torrey Pines Golf Course, a municipal golf course that has hosted many PGA Tour events and is open to the public. A short drive south will lead to downtown La Jolla, which boasts a variety of stores, ranging from privately owned boutiques to upscale clothing like Ralph Lauren. Restaurants and nightlife opportunities also are available for those looking for a more city like experience without the hassle of a real city.


Beyond its uniqueness, La Jolla Farms is everything a person would expect to find in a wealthy community. Perfectly manicured hedges, gated roads, magnificent homes, and picturesque pools all make The Farm feel at home to those who’ve lived in luxury before. The added benefits of seclusion, combined with an unrivaled panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, and optional beach access, just work to make this community the best oceanfront opportunity San Diego has to offer. If the price is right, The Farm awaits.