Why Boat Memberships are on the Rise

When you think of sailing and boating extravagant imagery comes to mind. Large yachts, bright catamarans, and white sails flood the mind. However, with the rise in popularity of boat and sail memberships, going out to sea has become much more affordable. With such a membership you have a variety of boats at your disposal. From large 45 foot yachts to smaller fishing boats, the options are many. If you want to go on a sea adventure on a whim you will have the resources to go forth and enjoy your trip.

The Pros of Being a Sail Member

  • Depending on the membership, you can pick and choose which nautical vehicle you want to use that day. So if you wish to go sailing this weekend, and yachting the next, it won’t be an issue.
  • Do not have to worry about damage to nautical vehicle when it is docked
  • Do not have to do expensive maintenance, as the club does this for each boat


Cons of Owning Your Own Boat

  • It is expensive to do upkeep on boats
  • Need to have insurance and maintain all the safety features up-to-date
  • You are limited to the activities the boat you own offers. If you have a sailboat but would like to go yachting or fishing it would be expensive to rent out said boats for one occasion.

The Pros outweigh the cons on this issue. So get out there and get your sail or boat membership today. Maybe one day owning a variety of boats will be within your budget, but for now enjoy the carefree joys that come with a sail membership.


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